I phoned Telstra, trusting their advice on Broadband availability would be in my best interests being an inexperienced customer.
Preparing to erect my house I decided that internet availability was equally important for a new business career in computers to isolate myself from the water shortage that would restrict my future agricultural prospects!

When I asked Telstra for stream suitable Broadband in 2005 they did not mention Satellite availability or the existence of then HiBIS, later I learnt that a company called "BorderNet" connected Satellite under HiBIS to those without a line where Telstra did not have ISDN, and that eligibility can depended on a Service Qualification by Telstra!

In 2005 BorderNet could have offered a 2way 512/128 2gig plan for $89.50 compared to Telstra's later offer of a 2way 512/128 2gig plan for $249.95.

BorderNet  $89.50
Telstra       $249.95


Extract: Higher Bandwidth Incentive Scheme (HiBIS) Program Guidelines

4.13.6 Process for determining Standard or High Cost Incentive Payments

For the purposes of HiBIS, availability of ISDN is assessed according to the following process, which must be undertaken by HiBIS Providers who are seeking to establish the relevant Incentive Payment for particular HiBIS Premises:

1. Use the automated ISDN Service Qualification Tool available through HiBIS Online, to establish whether a particular telephone service has ISDN availability. This test provides information that is current at the time of the enquiry, i.e. is not dependant upon Telstra undertaking any infrastructure work to provide ISDN Home access. HiBIS will accept the result of a Telstra Service Qualification test as a basis for determining whether a High Cost Incentive Payment is payable. The only information required is the customer's premises' 10 digit telephone number.

2. If the Premises does not have a fixed telephone number, the HiBIS Provider must contact Telstra directly to check ISDN availability.

3. If the response to an enquiry is negative, it indicates that the particular telephone service is not currently ISDN capable. The HiBIS Provider is to keep a copy of the response to the enquiry as confirmation that a High Cost Incentive Payment applies for a HIBIS Service provided to an Eligible Customer at Eligible Premises to which that telephone service is connected.

If the response is positive, it indicates that the particular telephone service is currently ISDN capable, being supported by an ISDN enabled exchange, and not being impaired by technologies such as Pair Gain System (PGS) or Remote Integrated Multiplexer (RIM). The HiBIS Provider is to keep a copy of the response to the enquiry as confirmation that a Standard Incentive Payment applies for a HIBIS Service provided to an Eligible Customer at Eligible Premises to which that telephone service is connected.


The reply from Telstra was that the only service available to me was dial-up internet, no other service was available.

On asking again several times I was repeatedly told there was nothing else!
Resigned with disappointment and no alternative offered I had Telstra connect the dial-up only line!

I was then told by Telstra that Wireless Broadband was definitely available at 256 or 512kb/s speeds respectively, so I called to have my phone line disconnected explaining I could get Wireless and proceed to buy a laptop described as a requirement to plug in the receiver!

On my visit to Broken Hill I went to a Telstra shop to be told that Wireless broadband was not offered or available at all in the town of Menindee, shop staff checked my address stating I could have had ISDN and that Telstra should have already offered this service!
After leaving the shop I phoned Telstra Support for Information about ISDN, specifically asking if it were suitable for streaming TV and Video conferencing to which Telstra Support  answered yes, it is much faster than dial-up and suitable for streaming, which was why I then had this service connected.

On connection of ISDN the phone did not work the following day making my whole experience with Telstra a living nightmare, especially after Telstra continued to not officially acknowledged the faulty installation wiring then arrived at my premises to cover-up its existence many months later!

Telstra denied any liability for anything, telling me they will only offer un-described resolution money in the form of "Services Only", neither of which was found acceptable or agreed upon by me! 

This left me trapped until the Telstra stifled resolution was concluded and resolution funds were expended through a continued unwanted service with the unsatisfactory company!

From here it actually got worst when Telstra told me I could not disconnect Telstra's ISDN and be eligible for HiBIS if choosing to use BorderNet instead of them, and that Telstra's one way satellite would be cheapest for me because I already had Telstra ISDN!

Bigpond    $199.95
BRC 800/128 4GB cost $199.95 and doesn't include isdn download when sat data is used up.

BorderNet $173.50
Isat 1024/128 5GB cost $111.50 + Telstra isdn home access @45.50 & ISDN Internet Plan @$16.50

At this point I raised the fact that Telstra had entrapped me through their failure to disclose the existence of HiBIS, initially connecting a "Telstra Service Qualified dial-up Line" which is a qualifying factor for HiBIS.
BorderNet 2way HiBIS Satellite would have been considered before a limited dial-up service offered as the only available connection type by Telstra!

The question of any other qualification is irrelevant because the information was not given, and this is the point.
"The information was not given"

Telstra proceeded to cover-up facts and fight liability whilst repeating the resolution offer in Services only for over 7 Months!.

Whilst fighting Telstra for over 7 Months to stand up for my rights it cost me all the money I had put aside to cover permits and fees prior to erecting a kit home I had previously purchased.

With draught and other losses since, my kit home still lies on the ground un-erected!
All Government and Telecommunications related organisations ignored my calls for help, legal aid and equal rights.
Continuing to direct me back to the TIO, quoting TIO statements and dismissing validity of facts in my claims!

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